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BRITISH ENGLISH lessons by Anton Brejestovski

Hoping this blog will help you a bit if you're learning English...

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- Чем отличается "How long you are here for" от "How long have you been here for"?
- Как ответить на "thank you"?
- о переводе названий фильмов
- 2й и 3й типы условных предложений
- Конструкция "It wasn't until..."
- Глаголы, после которых нельзя Continuous
- Конструкция "to have something done"
- Разница между which и that
- Что такое "Bless my soul"?
- Почему иногда вместо "whom" говорят "who"?
- Что нужно говорить в метро?
- Что такое "to get worked up about something"?
- Можно ли сказать "a moon"? Или всегда надо "the moon"?
- Конструкция "I wish"
- Можно ли говорить "already" в вопросах? Или надо только "yet"?
- "How do you do" и "How are you" - это одно и то же?
- Как правильно: "comfortable for me" или "comfortable to me"?
- Как правильно: "I've lived in London for 15 years" или "I've been living in London for 15 years"?
- Какая разница между "I've been in London" и "I've been to London"?

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looks good and looking good.

"It's tasting good"

Never heard all three forms in US, UK, or Canada.

When I see that coworker did something right, I say
"It is loo-o-o-oking goo-o-d".
To the boss "looking good" or "looks good".

Re: looks good and looking good.

'sounding good' sounds EXTREMELY weird.

"tasting good" - very weird, too.

"mmm, the food's smelling good" - I guess, this could be fine in some situations, but quite rarely. Again, "the food SMELLS good" sounds much better.

All continuous forms could be used when you want to sound really emotional.

"Looking good", on the contrary, is used all the time:

"You're looking hot!"
"Wow! You're looking... flourising!"


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