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Best and worst jobs

Clearly, some jobs are more lucrative than others.

I will never forget a wonderful Belgian, who bluntly told me he had a sewage collection company and I remember thinking "I wouldn't do that for any money!"

At the same time some jobs look glamorous and exciting, probably the film star topping the list. (Not many people know that a typical actor's day is really hours of waiting for the film crew to prepare the set and exhausting numerous takes, which can drive anybody mad).

So, at yesterday's class jobs were a big topic for discussion. And I decided to ask a class of 14 people two questions:

1) what job would you love to do, even if you weren't paid anything?
2) what job would you never consider doing, regardless of the money?

The results were quite surprising. Glamour and fame are not as craved for as one might think.

The most attractive jobs were:

Dancer (2 people), astronaut (2) (probably they meant space tourist - to enjoy views of the Earth from space!), actress (2), doctor, chef, news presenter, fitness instructor, top model, ballet dancer and kindergarten teacher (this was my answer). One guy said that he wanted to be a top Microsoft shareholder (for no money!) and one wanted to be... a slave of God.

The list of the most repulsive jobs was predictably headed by hitman (4 people) followed by morgue worker and doctor (2 people each). Other unwanted occupations included accountant, driller, prostitute, sailor, butcher and politician. And the guy who wanted to be a slave of God said that for a million dollars a month he could be absolutely anything - including being a hitman.

And what about you? Is there any job you would like to do even if you weren't paid for it? And is there anything you would never do - for any money?
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