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Опять практикуем listening

Сегодня после урока ко мне подошла девушка Таня и сказала, что все гениальное просто и при работе над произношением ей очень помогает просто-напросто слушать, читать и повторять. 

Вот я и решил опубликовать веселую, добрую историю про привидение. Как ей пользоваться - см. пост от 21 февраля. Если кому легко - пишите, в следующий раз опубликую посложнее.

Вот аудиозапись (если перед тем, как нажать на ссылку, вы нажмете SHIFT, то запись откроется в другом окне и вы сможете и слушать, и читать).

А вот recording script:

Can you all hear me? Don't worry, I'm going to speak slowly. Good. The Tower we are in now is called the Bloody Tower. Do you know what ‘blood’ is? Good. Well, the Tower has a very special connection with Anne Boleyn. Anne Boleyn was the second wife of Henry VIII - you know, the king who had six wives. Henry divorced his first wife, Catherine, and he married Anne because he wanted a son. But Anne couldn't give him a son, only a daughter. So Henry decided to marry again. But first Anne Boleyn had to die. Come with me.
It all happened very quickly. One day Anne was the Queen of England and the next day, on 2nd May 1536 she was arrested and brought here to the Bloody Tower. She was kept in this room for 18 days. She slept in that bed there. Then, on 19th May, she was taken from here and executed. Her head was cut off, like this. But since then, the ghost of Anne Boleyn has been seen and heard many times here in the Tower of London. Sometimes she sits in a dark corner of the room, just over there. She wears a long, grey dress, and a white hat. Sometimes she's seen with her head, sometimes without it, and sometimes she's carrying her head under her arm. Other people have seen the ghost of Anne Boleyn walking in the Bloody Tower. And some people have heard it crying, saying 'I am innocent. I am innocent.' Perhaps one of you will see the ghost of Anne Boleyn today!


Что было                                           Агрессивный муж                                   Что стало
Poor Ann    
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