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BRITISH ENGLISH lessons by Anton Brejestovski

Hoping this blog will help you a bit if you're learning English...

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Ответы на вопросы - ЧАСТЬ 2
Здесь - ответы на вопросы:

- "He'd" -  это he would  или he had?
- Что такое "I can hold my liquor"?
- Что такое "wind up in Moscow"?
- Как правильно - "Why not go out" или "Why not going out"?
- Насколько важен контекст при переводе любого текста
- Что такое "give a hug"?
- Как спросить "какой марки" (часы, машина, и т.д.)?
- Как сказать "я постоянно отвлекаюсь"?
- Что такое "full of beans"?
- В песне есть слова "the me", "the you". Разве так можно?
- Что такое "might have been"?
- Как вежливо попросить повторить, если вы не расслышали?
- Достаточно ли вежливо звучит фраза "Can I have"?
- "I do like" - это эмоциональное усиление "I like". А как сделать подобное с "I am"?
- Как добиться автоматизма в речи?

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Good day (or maybe night)))) I just wanted to thank you for your very interesting lessons.I liked them very much.But do you have anything more difficult for example for students, who study at the faculty of philology? But not the boring theory,but something really interesting.Thank you beforehand)))

Hi!! (sorry I don't your name) If you try to be good to everybody, you end up being good to nobody :)). As a professional linguist you have a lot of opportunities to explore the language yourself while novices and intermediate students may need some help.

That's why at the moment I've chosen to focus on easy-to-intermediate lessons. But some little vocab-related posts could be interesting at all levels - I'll try pay more attention to them.

Btw - which would you prefer: "thanks beforehand" or "thanks in advance"?

Edited at 2010-05-26 07:37 am (UTC)

Good day) I'm sorry I didn't introduce.My name is Irina.I don't think that I'm a good in English)) There are so many unknown things))) I just asked for you to advice something for people, who want to be interpretors or maybe translators))) But as I've already said I like your lessons, they're very interesting)))) Mmmm I think I prefer "beforehand",or am I wrong?May I ask? How many languages do you know?

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